Comissioned work

Fashion & Editorial

What can I say about this? I mean, there’s nothing that I can say that isn’t repeated until infinity, and beyond. But here’s the thing: commissioned work is apparently just a way to earn some money. And of course it is. But, and there’s a big, enormous and magnificent BUT, it forces you to find how to keep your style while, at the same time, works onto the boundaries that the client would.
For anyone outside the image-related world (specifically photography and videography) can be hard to see how it’s a problem that the client tells you every little aspect of what he (or she) wants. And usually can provide you with stylists, producers that find the locations and almost everything that will confine the photoshoot onto solid boundaries. In this scenario, probably you can shoot with your eyes closed. You just have to act as a flawless artisan, being technically and formally perfect, and you can have the job done. And being well paid.
But I don’t become a photographer to act like a well-payed lemming. I don’t know if I have a defined and rock-solid style. Frankly, I don’t care. I know what I enjoy. And there are so many little things better than work with passionate professionals: stylists, make-up artists, producers, creatives… the list is long as the world. I like to learn: I’m addicted to. And there’s no way that working surrounded by this kind of people, some knowledge doesn’t stick onto my well-caffeinated brain.
And coming back to what I say at the beginning: the funniest part of all process, is to blend my style, or vision, or whatever you want to call it, with the client concept, with the make-up style, the stylist and so… I think that I succeed, but judge by yourself.

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