Black&White Portrait serie

Family, Friends and Fools

This little project came from just one simple idea: take pictures of people that show their true being, going beyond their self-image. In occasion the two things are one and the same, but I don’t really care about self-images. What I see is what I strive to capture with my camera.

I have to say, according to the feedback I got from the models in this series, that I wasn’t wrong. The process was quite simple: Just have them coming by my studio and convince them to sit for five minutes in front of my camera… And have a conversation.

Some time ago, I figured out that the moment someone is thinking the answer to an unexpected question, they lower the guard, dropping their non-spontaneous poses or attitudes. So I didn’t need to use black magic spells or anything of sorts. Just liters of coffee and a lot of chit-chat.


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