Salvador Dalí dixit

"I declare the independence of imagination and the right of every man to his own insanity."

Why me?

That’s the million dollar question, right? There’s a bazillion photographers and videographers out there, and a big portion of them are acually pretty amazing. But I has the ace on my sleeve. I don’t take photos, or shoot videos or whatever: I tell Stories. I love to.

Sometimes, i just found the story to tell, sometimes i has to build a story aronud a concept, for making it work. Or just letting your story, your inner you, rising to surface and letting me to capture it.

Just as easy, just as difficult.

Who the heck I am?

First things first: I’m a human being. Not the saniest in Europe, but enough for being capable of handle the work on a professional way. But not enough for not being capable of thinking out of the box and deliver a pro work with my personal touch. I’m not an institutioned photographer: my first interest was drawing and paint, switching to photography world years later. It has been a long, long way. A satisfying one.

I tend to think that the way of presenting some story to the others is the difficult thing. The Milestone to achieve. That’s my real goal. The only one. To tell stories: the good ones, the bad ones, the inspiring ones… I’m sure that you caught the thought. Everything else, it’s only matter of gathering some knowledge. And… Well, internet, you know.

I firmly belives that the perfection on the technical side has to support the message that you would to deliver. It never has to be a goal for itself. Among other things, because is boring to death.


A license to tink out of the box. I mean, literally. Usually the best envoirment for work with a large team of professionals, every single one of them with his own vision. And having to brainstorm with top class pros… It’s amazing. [wanna see?]


Well… I just enjoy it. I’ll can probably talk about that is, in my opinion, the fifth essence of art or something fancy like that. But it’s simplier. I love the portraits that can show someone`s true nature. And I enjoy doing it. Getting the right mood on the studio, and  achieving that someone who doesn’t know you ten minutes ago, show me his truthfoul persona. That’s the point. [wanna see?]


This one was a surprise, even for me. I found myself years ago, with the chance of work on an Open Water Crossing. And I’d take some pictures. And six years and more than 16K pictures shotted later, I have to admit: I’m addicted to it. I have not any rational explanation… But I think that this kind of work collides between journalism and portraiture. It’s odd, I know. [wanna see?]


Part portrait, part journalism, part art. Nothing more, nothing less. It isn’t about working with other pro’s (like in the editorial), it’s about working with an artist that uses a completely different medium for express himself. And I have to communicate with him and communicate to others what they want. Again: Love that. [wanna see?]


Without doubt, the most technical work I’d (and I’ll) had. In this case, i has to admit that if I love being a DoP, is more for the adrenaline than anything else. Of course I love achiveing the right mood on a film, and setting everything excites my inner nerd. But the constant discharge of adrenalin in a film set… I’m just a hopeless junkie. A happy one. [wanna see?]


Take every other phrases on this short summary, put it in a shaker and mix firmly. If i have to say something about why i direct my own videos, you can take any thought on this page and apply it directly, and it will be accurate. There are no differences between taking one or twenty-four pictures per second. The only thing that is crucial is to tell a story. And sincerely, can you tell me another way, more straight-forward, to do it? [wanna see?]